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Invitation to buy shares with discount in Fastbase Inc. Pre-IPO
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Invitation to buy shares with discount in Fastbase Inc. Pre-IPO
You are invited through our network to join our Pre-IPO.
Fastbase is preparing its public listing on the AIM London Stock Exchange in Q2, 2018. You have the opportunity to purchase up to 25,000 shares at US$ 1.65 per share including discount.
The closing date for reserving shares is
March 23, 2018 9PM (EST)
To reserve your shares now, contact us at
Fastbase Investor Relations ➔
Lead Generation for Google Analytics.
Most of all, however, we are proud to say that Fastbase became the most employed lead generation tool for Google Analytics, worldwide! – analyzing the incredible number of up to 7.5 billion website visitors daily from all of the +700.000 Web leads users. Sign in with Google Analytics for free.
Investing: Fastbase, Inc. Stock Has Big Chance To Skyrocket
LOS ANGELES, CA – 12-11-2017 — We’re heading into the final stretch of Q4 and it’s time to take a look at the next big investments for 2018. For investors looking to get in before the rest of the world catches on, we have found a promising young tech firm that has strong growth potential in 2018.
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Rasmus Refer, CEO

Fastbase Inc.
+45 20 300 606

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