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High quality visitors to your website
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Premium Add-on
for Google Analytics

New Google Analytics Add-on Helps Users Drive High Quality Visitors to their Website.
As Google Analytics users know, the Google Analytics platform is a great tool for businesses to understand who is visiting their website and what content is being viewed. Now, a new Google Analytics add-on has been introduced to the market that allows users to know the exact customers that are visiting their websites and the exact webpages they are visiting.
Beyond the typical information provided by Google Analytics, this add-on, created by global data provider, Fastbase, Inc, not only identifies the customers that are visiting your site, but also provides their contact details, including email addresses. These features help businesses with their online sales and marketing plans to increase visitor website performance.
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All information is presented in a manageable and searchable format that can be downloaded to Excel/CSV format and accessed for up to 90 days.

Best regards,

The Fastbase team

Google Analytics add-on

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